Outsourced Payroll Professionals

Back in 2010, Tysers saw a need to combine their HR system with their outsourced payroll system, which Cintra (formerly known as Trace) had already been managing with good results over several years.

“We needed speed, simplicity and accuracy from a single integrated service where the information was always right, always consistent and always to hand.” – Mark James, HR Director at Tysers, an independent international insurance broker.

“If you want a managed payroll service with integrated HR that’s simple and that really works, talk to Cintra.”


A Fully Integrated Payroll and HR Service


After evaluating all options available, Mark settled on Cintra’s Easipay Plus HR system – a powerful, web-based solution, which fully integrates payroll with HR.

“Cintra showed me how they could incorporate HR and employee self service modules into our existing payroll system. It was immediately apparent that the ease of use made it perfect for our purposes. It was simple, straightforward and online – so my IT team didn’t need to get involved.”

Although impressed, Mark wanted to change Tysers’ appraisal system and he needed to be sure Easipay Plus HR had the flexibility to cope.

“Our appraisal system needed to be simple and it wasn’t. I developed a new, stripped down process that would make completing appraisals easier and less of a burden on our people. Then I sat down with Cintra to see whether they would be able to integrate my system into theirs. I found that Cintra’s people are stars. They made our new appraisal system a part of their service, in its entirety. Every little development drama was handled without fuss, and implementation of the additional modules into our payroll really was seamless. With Cintra’s help we’ve been able to create an appraisal process that people actually like because it’s so quick and simple.”


An Online System: Intuitive, Quick and Easy to Use


It’s not only the new appraisal process that has appealed. Cintra’s payroll services have continued to help Tysers’ concentrate on its core business, whilst the employee self-service element has proved ideal for the way Tysers works.

“We needed something easy to navigate; a system that was forgiving, intuitive and quick,” says Mark James. “That’s what Cintra delivered. This system does everything we need. We have a lot of travelers in our business. We need them focused on their work, not struggling with an unfriendly self-service system. Easipay Plus HR lets them login online wherever they are in the world and do what they need swiftly and efficiently.”


A Relationship that Continues to Grow


Cintra takes pride in the relationships it builds with its customers. It sees itself as a partner rather than merely a service provider. For Mark, what began as managed payroll has grown and evolved into something much broader:

“It’s a complete service now – and one that continues to develop. Cintra’s people have, for example, taken all our HR reports and rewritten them in line with our designs. They’re now live and accessible on the system in exactly the format we want.”

It was this combination of tailored service, simplicity of use and partnership that led Tysers to agree a new 3-year contract with Cintra to supply its managed payroll service delivered using its integrated payroll / HR system, and Mark remains confident that it was the right decision for Tysers.