Outsourced Payroll Professionals

  • Herman Miller Logo

    “They know us in-depth.  Cintra (formerly known as Trace) has an implicit understanding of what we do and the way we work. It means they can spot the occasional ‘oddity’ in our return.  They have the experience to quickly identify when something is out of the ordinary – a change in overtime rates, an unusual… Read More

  • Tysers building case study

    Back in 2010, Tysers saw a need to combine their HR system with their outsourced payroll system, which Cintra (formerly known as Trace) had already been managing with good results over several years. “We needed speed, simplicity and accuracy from a single integrated service where the information was always right, always consistent and always to… Read More

  • Drive Vauxhall Logo

    “We never had any in-house payroll expertise. For us, it was a case of completing data entry and then passing it to a payroll services provider who could check what we were doing and take the next steps. We originally chose Cintra (formerly known as Trace) because they offered precisely the service we needed –… Read More

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    Gant is a lifestyle brand with an American sportswear heritage, offering modern high-quality casual wear with a European touch. The company’s values are based on it’s authentic American East Coast heritage, dating back to 1949. Today Gant is a true global lifestyle brand offering a full range including menswear, womenswear, kidswear, and homeware. “We were… Read More

  • John Laing making infrastructure happen logo

    “I like working with smaller providers. They can be far more engaged with you. They want to work with you. They want to make a difference.  We wanted a payroll services provider that made our lives easier. Cintra (formerly known as Trace) makes that difference. They are a partner, not just a provider.” So said Bridget… Read More

  • cobra of companies group logo

    “Cintra (formerly known as Trace) feels like an extended part of our team. We’re a small payroll department dealing with five payrolls spread across three locations. That presents lots of potential for error on our part but Cintra understands our business. If we make a mistake our contact point at Cintra spots it before it… Read More

  • Sydenhams logo

    “There were a number of factors that made us choose Cintra (formerly known as Trace). I liked the fact that, as an organisation, they felt like us: a rich heritage, a family firm; independent and committed to keeping their work within the UK. “Then there was the service. With Cintra, I rediscovered the sort of… Read More