Outsourced Payroll Professionals

To us, Cintra is an extension of our HR/Payroll dept. No question is too big for them to answer. They take the workload off us.

- Bridget Patton, Interim Group HR Director at John Laing's Group

John Laing plc

Case Study

“I like working with smaller providers. They can be far more engaged with you. They want to work with you. They want to make a difference.  We wanted a payroll services provider that made our lives easier. Cintra (formerly known as Trace) makes that difference. They are a partner, not just a provider.”

So said Bridget Patton, Laing Interim Group HR Director when she took on the consolidation of payroll services from their numerous divisions to just one provider.


Bespoke Payroll Integration with External HR System


To remain as John Laing’s payroll services provider, Cintra needed to show it could manage the requirements of the larger organisation – and its greatest test was ensuring it could seamlessly integrate John Laing’s Snowdrop HR system with its own.

“We didn’t want to be cutting and pasting between systems to get them to work with each other” says Bridget Patton. “That would have involved too much margin for error and too much effort.”

Cintra used its own in-house expertise to swiftly develop a way of entering the data required to run the payroll into John Laing’s HR system.

This innovation and resourcefulness meant John Laing were confident staying on and building their relationship with (what s now) Cintra Payroll Services.


Secure, Electronic Payslips – Saving Money and the Environment


For an organisation so committed to its corporate and social responsibility, electronic payslips made perfect sense for John Laing. The system used by Cintra delivers payslips securely by email to the inbox of the employee. The employee gets the payslip a couple of days before pay day, and they no longer have to wait for a paper version. Yet Bridget Patton recognised that without a smooth transition, the benefits in terms of carbon footprint could easily be offset by a messy and frustrating switchover. Cintra made sure that didn’t happen.

“The switch to e-payslips has been seamless. Cintra made everything easy to understand and it’s not raised any accessibility issues. Our e-payslips mean we no longer have to produce dozens of reports and hundreds of payslips on paper. Cintra is helping us reduce our environmental impact, but it’s also helping us work more efficiently – and by doing that we save money.”


An Extension of Your Team


Bridget Patton is pleased John Laing chose to build its relationship with Cintra. “Staying with someone is good. Seeing them improve is even better. I would recommend Cintra Payroll Services because, to us, it’s an extension of our HR/Payroll dept. No question is too big for them to answer. It’s got people who help us reach good solutions and they take the trouble to get engaged.

“I’ve been involved in outsourcing arrangements before where you feel there’s so much work to do before the outsourcing takes place it’s not really worth bothering but they get it. They are a true outsourcer. They take the workload off us.

“We wanted a payroll services provider that made our lives easier. Cintra makes that difference. Cintra is a partner, not just a provider.”