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When and How to Give Bonuses

Bonuses can be an effective motivational tool that reinforces positive behaviour and achievements. However, bonuses can waste money and even be counterproductive if not implemented correctly, so it is important to understand the most effective ways to administer bonuses in your business. Making your bonus strategy a success Bonuses should never be a foregone conclusion,… Read More

5 Easy Steps to Master Your Payroll

Many businesses lack the expertise or technology to manage payroll effectively. If finance staff is not trained properly or you are using outdated methods, you may find that mistakes are being made or that you are missing deadlines left, right and center. If so, try following these five steps to master your payroll. Keep excellent… Read More

Payroll World Awards – Best Payroll Provider

Cintra Payroll Services has been named the “Best Payroll Provider” of the year at the Payroll World Awards, which were held on the 12th November 2015 in London. Judges were looking for evidence of success in one or more of the following criteria since April 2014: Significant cost savings/business benefits to clients Customer satisfaction, including three client… Read More

Customer Charter Published

Customers come first at Cintra Payroll Services. Our staff are passionate about customer care and as a business we are committed to providing an unrivalled level of service with a focus on accuracy, quality and personal service.

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